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Advancing Products.

For Cancer Screening with Biofluorescence

For Warming Composites, Cements and Adhesives

Calset Product

For Anatomically Correct Contacts

Trimax by Addent, Inc.

For Ergonomic Dispensing

For Perfect Shade Matching

Advancing Solutions.

With cutting-edge technology and an unparalleled dedication to advancing dentistry, we are proud to bring you our award-winning products for restorative and diagnostic work. Our products are designed to be easy to use, save time, and build confidence for all of your restorative and diagnostic needs.  AdDent Inc. manufactures high quality advanced dental products and maintains a 6,500 sq. foot manufacturing and R&D facility in Danbury, Connecticut.

Advancing Ideas.

“I’ve been using the Calset warmer for several years and it has become an indispensable part of my practice.  Not only does it make today’s heavily filled composites easier to express, but heating enhances the physical properties of the resins, making for a stronger and more durable restoration.”

Douglas L. Lambert, DDS, FACD, FASD, FASDA, FICD, ABAD

“The Microlux 2 Transilluminator, “One of the most valuable tools in the office-we use it all the time, especially for finding fractures and often anterior caries can be shown to the patient.”

Dr. Paul Feuerstein, Chelmsford, MA

“The Bio/Screen Oral Cancer Screening Instrument does not require a patient to rinse with a messy liquid. Simply look through an optical filter in the middle of 5 high power LEDs. Although the light is bright, it does not generate enough heat to require a fan. Consequently, the rechargeable Bio/Screen is quiet, lightweight, and easy to use. All
Dentists must become experts in oral cancer screening and the AdDent Bio/Screen can help.”

Ben F. Warner, MS, DDS, MD, Houston, TX

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Addent, Inc. - Advancing Dental Excellence

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