NEW PEDO LIGHT GUIDE Accessory for the Microlux & Microlux 2 Transilluminator

AdDent introduces a new and improved accessory for its Microlux Diagnostic Systems – the Pedo Light Guide. This attachment is designed shorter than our standard light guide so that it will fit better in the mouths of children and adolescents. By using the Pedo Light Guide to visualize cracks, caries and calculus during a dental examination, the cumulative negative effects of x-rays can be reduced.

Other accessory guides available for the Microlux Systems are:  2 and 3mm (standard) glass light guides, DL oral cancer screener, lighted mirror,  1mm Endo-Lite, .75mm Proximal  and a .75mm Perio Probe.

Addent, Inc.

The top image shows the Standard Light Guide and the bottom image shows the New Pedo Light Guide.


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