About AdDent, Inc.

AdDent, Inc. is a company dedicated to Advancing Dental Excellence. Founded and guided by Dr. Joshua Friedman, an inventive engineer and renowned dentist best recognized for high-quality, solution-based dental products serving dentists worldwide. Perhaps most notably, Dr. Friedman created the Demetron Curing Light.

AdDent is the leader in manufacturing dental tools to effectively ease practices that require shade matching, warming composites, and transillumination.

Along with producing solution-based tools to aid dentists worldwide in the ease and advanced excellence of day-to-day practice needs, AdDent, Inc. is equally dedicated to providing exceptional customer service in the U.S. as well as internationally.

AdDent maintains a manufacturing and R&D facility in Danbury, Connecticut.

Josh Friedman, Addent Inc.

Meet Dr. Friedman, Founder and President

Dr. Joshua Friedman is the founder and President of AdDent Inc., as well as the founder of Demetron Research Corporation. He is a known pioneer in light-curing technology.

Dr. Friedman is a dentist, electrical engineer, and a former Assistant Research Scientist at NYU College of Dentistry.

Driven by a passion for creating products that resolve challenges for dentists, Dr. Friedman develops uniquely advanced, patented dental products. He has more than 30 patents with more pending.

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