Increased Predictability in Tooth Shade-Matching

Increased Predictability in Tooth Shade-Matching
By: Kelvin I. Afrashtehfar, DDS, MSc(C)

Regardless of the operator’s gender, training and experience, shade-matching ability in the clinical practice and the dental laboratory improves significantly when conventional lighting is modified by light-correction. Accurate shade selection that allows restorations to match the natural dentition positively influences the patient’s appearance and esthetic self-esteem.

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Ritelite Shade Matching from Addent, Inc.


Thank you SAS Excluvias

Thank you SAS Excluvias for sharing these images of the SEMO mtg. happening today Sociedad Española de Medicina. Courtesy of Sally Bustos.

Addent, Inc.

Addent, Inc.


NEW PEDO LIGHT GUIDE Accessory for the Microlux & Microlux 2 Transilluminator

AdDent introduces a new and improved accessory for its Microlux Diagnostic Systems – the Pedo Light Guide. This attachment is designed shorter than our standard light guide so that it will fit better in the mouths of children and adolescents. By using the Pedo Light Guide to visualize cracks, caries and calculus during a dental examination, the cumulative negative effects of x-rays can be reduced.

Other accessory guides available for the Microlux Systems are:  2 and 3mm (standard) glass light guides, DL oral cancer screener, lighted mirror,  1mm Endo-Lite, .75mm Proximal  and a .75mm Perio Probe.

Addent, Inc.

The top image shows the Standard Light Guide and the bottom image shows the New Pedo Light Guide.


AACD Meeting

Marian at the AdDent booth #649. The AACD meeting in Las Vegas. We will be here through April 21st.

Addent, Inc. at the AACD Meeting


Allen Hindin, DDS, MPH Sharing a Bioscreen Unit

Allen Hindin, DDS, MPH sharing a Bio/Screen unit with other members of the triage group at the CSDA Mission of Mercy, April 8-9, in New Haven, CT.

We at AdDent, Inc. are proud of the Dentists and Hygienists who give of their time and services to help communities across our Nation and around the world.

Allen Hindin, DDS, MPH Sharing a Bioscreen Unit


New 3D Accessory Tray for Calset Composite Warmer

AdDent introduces our new 3D heating Tray for our Calset Composite Warmer. This tray is designed to be used with layering or bulk fill procedures where a large volume of warmed composite needs to be readily available.

The 3D tray holds 3 composite dispensers, 4 compules and 1 composite syringe or a warmed finishing instrument.

Calset by Addent, Inc.


Warmed Composite is Easier to Handle.

Warming Composite increases the flow of composites up to 68%.
The reason this is so important is that it makes the composite so much easier to work with.
Now a heavily filled material can be used on posterior teeth with no compromise to the strength of the restoration.

By warming composite, the properties change in a positive way. Once the composite has been warmed to 130°F or 140°F, and the composite is cured immediately after placement, a greater depth of cure is experienced in the same amount of curing time, hence a much stronger restoration.
When the composite is warmed, it becomes more flowable. By becoming more flowable, the composite has much better adaptation to the tooth structure, which decreases microleakage significantly.

Calset by Addent, Inc.


Restoration Tray for our Calset Composite Heater

Dr. Jeff Brucia assisted in designing the Restoration tray for our Calset Composite heater. This tray was created to help make Dr. Brucia’s technique for placing veneers simpler and easier. Please follow this link to see his PowerPoint presentation on his technique. (Look to the right hand column for the presentation.)

Restoration Tray by Addent, Inc.


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