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Bio/Screen by Addent, Inc.
The Bio/Screen Oral Exam Light is a device intended for use as an adjunct to traditional oral examination to enhance the visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities.

The Bio/Screen uses 5 powerful violet LEDs that shows biofluorescence in the oral cavity without turning off the room lights. It is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery. An on/off push button is located on the viewing side. An eyepiece and an optical viewing filter increases contrast between healthy and abnormal tissue. A battery charge indicator is located on the viewing side of the handle.



• The Bio/Screen has a special optical filter to improve contrast between healthy and abnormal tissue and to improve visualization. It does not require a special rinse.

• Bio/Screen Battery – The lithium ion battery pack is rated for 500 full recharge cycles, approximately 5 years of use. The battery pack is protected by means of a built-in safety circuit.

• Improved thermal design has no fan for quiet operation.

• Light Output Regulation – the Bio/Screen output LEDs maintain full power until battery is depleted.

• Auto Shut Off – To conserve battery power, once activated and after five minutes of continuous on  time, the violet output LEDs will automatically turn off and the unit will return to standby mode.

Accessories and Replacement Parts

PN 110090 Bio/Screen Kit
PN 620063 Pack of 50 Disposable Protective Lens Covers
PN 650026 Patient Eyeglasses
PN 650022 Battery Charger
PN 112001 OraBlu Oral Lesion Marking System
PN 620005 SLR Camera Adaptor
PN 620006 Cell Phone Adaptor

Clinical vs. Using Bio/Screen

In epithelial dysplasia, the cells making up the layers of the epithelium look abnormal. Depending on the amount of abnormal cells seen microscopically (i.e. biopsy), dysplasia may be graded as mild, moderate, severe, or carcinoma in situ (where the atypical cells are in all layers of the epithelium).

Mild Dysplasia

Clinical on Left; Using Bio/Screen on Right

Moderate Dysplasia

Clinical on Left; Using Bio/Screen on Right

“BioScreen provides accuracy and speed to identify abnormalities intra orally during my oral cancer screenings. With an ergonomic yet solid light feel, the BioScreen is very patient friendly and comfortable to use.”

– Dr. Tyler Green, Conroe, TX.

“The Bio/Screen Oral Cancer Screening Instrument does not require a patient to rinse with a messy liquid. Simply look through an optical filter in the middle of 5 high power LEDs. Although the light is bright, it does not generate enough heat to require a fan. Consequently, the rechargeable Bio/Screen is quiet, lightweight, and easy to use. All Dentists must become experts in oral cancer screening and the AdDent Bio/Screen can help.”

– Ben F. Warner, MS, DDS, MD, Houston, TX

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