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CoMax Composite Dispenser

The CoMax has a special patented ergonomic mechanism for comfortable handling.  The handle minimizes the dispensing force needed to express heavily filled composites.  The top flange is pulled back to insert a compule, and easily pulled back again to release it.  The CoMax accepts most mfg.’s composite compules. The unit is autoclaveable, and carries a 2 year warranty.  The CoMax Composite Dispenser received a 5 Star Award from Reality Publishing.


• Accepts most composite compules
• Ergonomic handle and trigger
• High mechanical advantage mechanism
• Easy one hand unloading
• Hi tech plastic and stainless steel materials
• Completely autoclaveable
• Expresses all Composite


• Universal operation
• Easy to hold and use
• Lower dispensing force required
• Time saving operation
• Robust long life operation
• Improved asepsis
• Saves money



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