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Improve Diagnostic Accuracy & Aid in Procedures

Discover the power of the Microlux DW Illuminator, an all-in-one dental diagnostic instrument that revolutionizes dental exams. This comprehensive dental exam instrument offers dual functionalities, enabling dentists to easily detect defects in teeth through white light transillumination and pinpoint biofilm and bacteria using fluorescence illumination. By enhancing diagnostic accuracy, it improves dental examinations.

Detecting bacteria is crucial as it directly influences treatment outcomes, making precise location identification essential. Biofilm, a constant threat in oral health, often manifests as plaque, a topic widely discussed in dental campaigns. However, biofilm’s impact extends beyond plaque, increasing infection risks in various dental conditions such as peri-implantitis, periodontitis, and endodontic disease.

The Microlux DW employs dual wavelengths to swiftly and safely identify abnormalities, making it an easy, safe, and efficient tool for daily dental practice. Its intuitive color evaluation simplifies treatment protocols, while the rechargeable battery ensures convenience.

Kit contents: Microlux DW Handpiece, 3mm glass light guide, DW glass light guide with filter (for 405 nm), USB wall plug-in power supply, and yellow filter glasses.

Elevate your dental diagnosis instruments with the Microlux DW, your key to improved dental diagnostic exams.

Dual Chip Illumination

Powerful dual chip L.E.D. for visible transillumination and NUV – 405 nm illumination

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with all Microlux autoclavable accessory light guides and mirrors

Two Versatile Light Guides

Includes two different light guides: Clear for illumination and transillumination, Filtered for NUV 405 nm applications

Steady L.E.D. Power

Features a rechargeable battery and voltage regulator for consistent L.E.D. output

Extended Battery Life

Impressive battery life: 6 hours in white light mode, 1.5 hours in blue light mode


This ebook contains:

  • Learn how the Microlux DW Illuminator simplifies comprehensive dental diagnostic exams, enhancing diagnostic accuracy with just one instrument.
  • Discover the crucial role of accurate bacterial visualization in dental procedures and the essential ability to locate it precisely.
  • Explore the omnipresent risk of biofilm and its impact on oral health, from plaque to more significant dental conditions.
  • Dive into the Microlux DW’s dual wavelengths and how they save time and reduce costs by preventing procedure failures and the need for return visits.
  • Uncover the various diagnostic uses of the Microlux DW, from visualizing teeth for cracks and fractures to detecting biofilm, caries bacteria, and more, ultimately improving dental procedures.

“The Microlux is one of the most important illumination devices available to enhance viewing of dental tissues. I use the Microlux on every patient in which I have to evaluate tissue, including, initial exams, hygiene exams, emergencies, and clinical procedures. When used in its designed transillumination mode, many defects in teeth, which cannot be detected by direct illumination or with radiographs, can be visually identified. Using dental magnification and the Microlux in direct illumination, health and diseased tissues, dental defects, deposits, can more clearly be visualized. Evaluating restorations, both during preparation and placement and existing restorations is enhanced using direct illumination with the Microlux. I feel the Microlux is an integral devise to evaluate dental tissue and should be used routinely in patient care.”

– James R. Dunn, DDS, Auburn, CA

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