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Microlux Endo-Lite

Microlux Endo-Lite from Addent, Inc.
1mm attachment for Microlux. Attachment comes with 5 fibers. Refill packs of 45 are available.


• 1mm Fiber-Lite Lightguide attachment with intense illumination for endodontic and surgical procedures (used with Microlux hand piece)
• Disposable Lightguide
• Lightguide refills are available in packs of 45


• Helps to visualize root canal, root fractures and proximal caries
• Can be placed interproximally to observe posterior caries as a shadow on the marginal ridge

“The Microlux is one of the most important illumination devices available to enhance viewing of dental tissues. I use the Microlux on every patient in which I have to evaluate tissue, including, initial exams, hygiene exams, emergencies, and clinical procedures. When used in its designed transillumination mode, many defects in teeth, which cannot be detected by direct illumination or with radiographs, can be visually identified. Using dental magnification and the Microlux in direct illumination, health and diseased tissues, dental defects, deposits, can more clearly be visualized. Evaluating restorations, both during preparation and placement and existing restorations is enhanced using direct illumination with the Microlux. I feel the Microlux is an integral devise to evaluate dental tissue and should be used routinely in patient care.”

– James R. Dunn, DDS, Auburn, CA

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