Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Dr. Howard Glazer on What’s Hot and Getting Hotter

Dr. Howard Glazer joins our host Kira Dineen to discuss the best dental products on the market.

He is a Fellow and Past President of the Academy of General Dentistry, and former Assistant Clinical Professor in Dentistry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Bronx, NY). Dr. Glazer has been a visiting clinician at several universities around the country including. Additionally, he is a Fellow of various prestigious dental organizations.

Dr. Glazer is an Attending Dentist at the Englewood Hospital in New Jersey. Additionally, Dr. Glazer is the Deputy Chief Forensic Dental Consultant to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, City of New York.

For the past several years, Dr. Glazer has been named as one of the “Leading Clinicians in Continuing Education” by Dentistry Today, and most recently was named as one of the Top Dentists in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly magazine. He lectures throughout the world on the subjects of cosmetic dentistry, forensic dentistry and patient management.

Dr. Glazer is a frequent author of dental articles and has been published throughout the world. Currently he publishes a monthly column in AGD IMPACT entitled “What’s Hot and What’s Getting Hotter!” Which is what we will be discussing in this episode. He maintains a general practice in Fort Lee, NJ.


On This Episode We Discuss….

  • Methods to Evaluate the Quality of a Dental Product
  • Best Dental Products Currently on the Market
  • CoMax Dispenser’s Advantages
  • Advice for Recent Graduates
  • Future of Dental Products in the Next 5-10 years


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Join us for our next episode on July 1st with key opinion leader, Dr. Daniel Ward discussing minimally invasive dentistry. Look forward to new episodes on the first of every month, as we learn and discover the latest advances in dentistry.

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