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Addent's Rite-Lite PRO

Rite-Lite PRO Multispectral/HIGH CRI Shade Light

Rite-Lite PRO Shade Matching Unit with High-CRI LED’s which recreate the visual spectrum produced by natural sunlight. The Rite-Lite PRO Shade Matching Light is a device that incorporates diffused L.E.D. technology to simulate various lighting conditions to aid in the matching of teeth and all types of dental restorations. It is used by both dental professionals and dental ceramists.

Rite-Lite PRO offers three modes of light for shade taking:
1. Color-corrected light at a color temperature of 5500◦ Kelvin.
2. Incandescent – room light at 3200◦ Kelvin. This is found in many indoor environments.
3. Ambient light at 3900◦ Kelvin. This is a combination of room light and daylight.

Rite-Lite PRO offers three levels of light intensity for better visualization.

Black Light setting for matching restorations to natural dentition fluorescence.

To Use:
Choose shade at 5500˚K. Verify the selected shade using 3200˚K (incandescence) and 3900˚K (ambient). Shade should match in all color temperatures.

The Rite-Lite PRO is powered by 24 L.E.D.’s (including black light LED’s), rechargeable battery and has a voltage regulator. A pad of 25 neutral color tabs is included and are used to standardize the background while shade taking. The light blinks on when the batteries get low as a reminder to replace them.

“Removing all the existing material that is tooth colored has always been a challenge.

Until now.

The black light feature form Rite-Light-Pro is an indispensable asset in solving this problem.”

– Abdi Sameni, DDS


Research shows that natural teeth fluoresce at wavelengths below 400 nm, i.e.- black light. Wavelengths below 400 nm are part of the spectrum of various indoor and outdoor lighting environments. Therefore, if we are to get a perfect shade match for porcelain or composite materials, they should fluoresce in the same manner as natural teeth. The cell phone photos show the effect of this mismatch when viewed with the Rite-Lite PRO.


The Rite-Lite PRO High CRI LED’s recreate the visual spectrum produced by natural sunlight. CRI is a measure of how accurately an LED light source or any artificial light source reveals an object’s true colors. The higher the CRI, the better the artificial light source is at rendering colors accurately.

Use of Polarizing Filter with Rite-Lite 2 (pictured) and Rite-Lite PRO

Rite-Lite PRO with optional polarizing filter

Polarizing Filter Attachment

– Eliminates Reflection
– Provides enhanced visualization of tooth for color, depth and transparencies
– Enhances the visualization of internal details and individual characterization


  • Three modes of visible light for shade taking to simulate varying lighting conditions found in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Visible light spectra produced with HI-CRI LED’s

  • Three selectable intensity levels for visible spectra modes

  • Black Light mode for examining restoration fluorescence

  • Accessory cross polarizing filter attachment to permit observation of tooth characterization without surface reflection

  • Regulated Output: Rite-Lite PRO features a voltage regulator

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

  • Five minute auto shutoff feature conserves battery power

  • USB power supply for charging unit

  • LED Battery charge and battery status indicator


  • Shade matching under multiple lighting conditions insures a better shade match
  • Recreate the visual spectrum produced by natural sunlight
  • Better visualization and control of glare
  • Match restoration to natural tooth fluorescence
  • Reduces glare and reflective highlights to visualize natural anatomic defects
  • Ensures consistent light output over the useful battery life
  • Lasts for approximately 5 years with normal use
  • Prolongs battery life
  • Reduces operation cost
  • Indicates when to recharge unit

“Great product. I have used it to verify my own shade selections. Every single shade selection I chose was verified correct by Rite-Lite 2. This would be an indispensable tool for anyone who doesn’t have a great eye for color.”

– Steven Balloch, DDS, Glastonbury, CT

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