Dr. Jeffrey Hoos on Lab Communication & Shade Matching

Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Dr. Jeffrey Hoos on Lab Communication & Shade Matching

On this month’s episode, host Kira Dineen had the pleasure to interview Dr. Jeffrey Hoos. He is a world renowned dental practitioner. Dr. Hoos has invented many successful techniques to provide the best dental experience possible. 

Dr. Hoos has been lecturing to dentists nationally and internationally over the last 25 years and continues to do so, teaching advanced techniques as well as the innovative procedures he’s developed. For the past 7 years he has been chosen as a leading national speaker by Dentistry Today. 

On This Episode We Discuss….

  • Effective Communication with Lab Dentists
    • Information and Materials to Provide
  • Shade Matching Tips
    • Utilizing the Rite Lite 2 to Prevent Incorrect Shade Matching 
  • Dentapreg Recommendation 
    • Procedures to Utilize 
    • Comparison to Conventional Fibers
    • Beneficial for Practice Management and Patients

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Join us for our next episode on March 1st, 2020 with Dr. David Gerdolle, a Swiss dental surgeon who provides insight dentistry in Switzerland and advantages of using AdDent’s Calset Composite Warmer. Look forward to new episodes on the first of every month, as we learn and discover the latest advances in dentistry.

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