Dr. Lori Trost on Cohesive Dental Teams

Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Dr. Lori Trost on Cohesive Dental Teams

Host Kira Dineen interviews Dr. Lori Trost on building cohesive dental teams along with some advice on maximizing diamond burs.

Dr. Lori Trost has organically created and maintained a high performing restorative and preventive-based practice in the Greater St. Louis area that promotes a practical, innovative, and efficient team-based approach to patient care. She is also an accomplished dental educator who received her dental degree from Southern Illinois University, School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Trost is a Shils Foundation recipient from the ADA for Leadership, has been named once again as a Leader in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today, and has also been named as one of the “Top 25 Women in Dentistry” by Dental Products Report. Dr. Trost enjoys offering post-graduate courses to dentists and their team members drawing from her extensive private practice experience that emphasizes restorative dentistry and cohesive teams.

On This Episode We Discuss….

  • Working efficiently while supporting team members
  • Strategies to communication for smooth workflow
  • Time for team building
  • Advice for the hiring process
  • Factors for maximizing diamond burs
  • Tips for crown prepping

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