Dr. Kyle Stanley on Dentist’s Mental Health

Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast
Dr. Kyle Stanley on Dentist’s Mental Health

May is mental health month so we thought it was fitting to have our host, Kira Dineen, have a conversation in this episode with Dr. Kyle Stanley, who has been named as “The Next Generation of Cosmetic Dentistry” by the AACD in 2015 and “Top 10 Young Educators in Dentistry” by the Seattle Study Club. Dr. Stanley is a dedicated researcher who has published in some of the top international dental journals about topics relating to esthetics, dental implants, and smile design. With his company Pearl, he is changing the way patients are treated through artificial intelligence and is a leader in this field. Dr. Stanley maintains an exclusive private practice in Beverly Hills, CA.

I do want to offer a trigger warning for this episode as we will be discussing mental health in dentistry including suicide. If you, a co-worker or a loved one are struggling with their mental help please reach out for support. A great resource is Crisis Text Line which offers free confidential crisis intervention via text message. The organization’s services are available 24 hours a day, every day and in the US can be reached by texting HOME to 741741. This service is also available internationally, just Google Crisis Text Line. 

On This Episode We Discuss…. 

  • Major factors that play a role in dentists’ mental health
  • Ways the dental community can better support those who are struggling
  • Selfcare for dentists maintaining their mental health 

Learn more in some extra reading in Vice and Nature. Be sure to check out Dr. Stanley’s website and his company Hello Pearl

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