Addent's Rite-Lite PRO


Veneer Placement Instrument 

Introducing the Vac-Tak Composite Instrument, a specialized veneer placement tool crafted to streamline the handling and cementation process of delicate porcelain or composite veneers. This precision instrument offers two suction tip sizes to accommodate both maxillary and mandibular teeth, ensuring precise application. Additionally, there are tips to fit the 3 mm light guide of a Microlux transilluminator.

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  • Autoclavable handle
  • Two size suction tips
  • Autoclavable tips
  • Silicone tips are transparent
  • 3 mm lightguide tips 


  • Easy to hold ergonomic handle
  • Firmly holds upper and lower veneers
  • Silicone tips are reusable
  • Tack cure through tips while holding veneer under pressure
  • Hold and tack cure veneer with one instrument
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