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Discover the Power of a Heated Composite Dispenser with Compex HD

Compex HD

Composite Warming and Science

Over 60 studies have shown the benefits of heating composites prior to placement. Most of the studies used the AdDent Calset, the first composite heater designed for the dental profession. These proven benefits include increased flow as you would expect but the advantages of preheating go much further.


  • Ease of dispensing viscous materials.
  • Greater depth of polymerization and increased strength
  • Shorter curing time
  • Better adaptation to cavity walls
  • Less microleakage
  • Better color stability
  • Less shrinkage and shrinkage stress.
  • Fewer enamel fractures due to shrinkage stress.
  • Less patient post-operative sensitivity.
  • Longer lasting restoration.

Compex HD

For optimum temperature, all the benefits of heated delivery, Compex HD delivers the perfect flow for all restorative procedures including injection molding and porcelain cementation. Compex HD heats all compules to 155°F (68°C) in 40 seconds. Up to 100 compules can be dispensed without recharging. This all-in-one, lightweight, heated dispenser saves space and easily moves from room to room. Fast compule insertion and ejection saves time. Infection control is addressed with included autoclavable silicone sleeves and barrier bags that prevent cross-contamination. The ease, convenience, and comfort of Compex HD make it a must-have for your practice.


  • Lightweight handheld rechargeable device.
  • Heats a broad range of compules
  • Heats compules to 155°F (68°C) in 40 seconds
  • Heats up to 100 compules without recharging.
  • Easy to load and unload with a patented ejector mechanism.
  • Silicone sleeve and barrier bag
  • Short recharge time.


  • Comfortable all in one heater and dispenser – saves space, easily moved room to room.
  • Heats composite compules currently on the market.
  • Delivers all composie without temperature loss. 
  • Charge no more than once per week under normal use.
  • Fast compule insertion and removal saves time.
  • Minimizes cross contamination by dentist or assistant.
  • Full charge time is only 4 ½ hours

“The Compex heating gun is a fantastic advancement and innovation in the arena of composite placement. It is an extraordinarily well designed mechanism with infection control features that are currently unsurpassed and so easy to use. My students and I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with it and look forward to always working with heated composite.”

John Comisi, DDS

What is Thermally Assisted Polymerization? Why should I warm my composite before placement?

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Viscosity Comparable to Flowables with Less Stickiness

Increases Microhardness

Heating composite increases micro-harness and flowability, resulting in easier placement and greater monomer conversion.


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Increased Monomer Conversion & Shorter Cure Times

Monomer conversion is significantly increased with shorter cures times, when composite is heated.


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Deeper Cures

Heated composite increased the monomer conversion rate, depth of cure and surface hardness with shorter cure times.


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Shrinkage/Shrinkage Stress

Heated composite allows for reduced curing time and lower polymerization stress while maintaining or increasing degree of conversion.


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Bonding and Adhesion

Heated composite demonstrated higher flexural strength and adhesion to dentin.


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Repeated Heating

Reheating or extended heating of composite does not effect monomer conversion values.


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Doesn't Alter Physical Properties

Heating composite did NOT alter the mechanical properties but provided enhanced adaptations to the preparation wall.


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Lower Water Sorption/Solubility Values

Higher temperatures and shorter cure times of heated composite led to lower sorption and solubility values.


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